Camping near the Baleines lighthouse

What to see at the Whale lighthouse

Discover the Phare des Baleines during your camping holiday on the Ile de Ré. It offers an exceptional view of the salt marshes, the Conche beach and the nearby forest. It is a heritage site and is still the most visited monument on the island. Book your rental at the campsite near the Baleines lighthouse to admire the scenery from the top of this 257-step high tower.

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What to do at the Whale lighthouse

Make a stopover at this must-see spot on the Ile de Ré during your holiday at camping Le Bel Air and leave with some memorable souvenirs. Take a closer look at this octagonal stone tower.

Relive history during your camping holiday on the Ile de Ré with your family or friends by visiting the Tour des Baleines. Built in 1682 by the architect Augier, it is a tower made of ashlar from the quarries of Saint-Savinien. Designed at a time when maritime traffic was very dense, it was a solution to the numerous shipwrecks of the time. The ports as well as the French coasts were not sufficiently equipped to guide the ships.

The Whale Tower was built according to Augier’s plans. This building has 3 floors with 3 rooms that can be accessed by a staircase. While camping near the Baleines lighthouse you can see a wide horizon and see from where enemy and allied ships were approaching. A real maritime observatory.

Camping 29 min from the Baleines lighthouse

At the campsite near the Baleines lighthouse, our team prepares many activities to share with your family or friends. Unforgettable moments await you.

Our rentals are ready to welcome you with maximum comfort. Book now your bungalow, tent or Freeflower in our campsite near the Baleines lighthouse for a modern and comfortable camping holiday.

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